MSc & PhD theses

Viktoria Kraxberger 2022
Upgrade of ASACUSA’s Antihydrogen Detector Vienna U
Alina Weiser
A low energy proton source for ASACUSA’s matter studies Vienna U
Andreas Lanz 2019
Hydrogen Hyperfine Structure Measurements using the sigma1- and pi1-Transitions: Evaluation & Correction
Vienna U
Bernadette Kolbinger 2019
Machine Learning for Antihydrogen Detection in ASACUSA  TU Vienna
Markus Fleck 2018
The Development And Implementation Of A Fibre Detector And Advanced Data Acquisition For The Asacusa Antihydrogen Detector TU Vienna
Minori Tajima 2017
Development of injection scheme of antiprotons and production of antihydrogen atoms in low-lying excited states U Tokyo
Matsudate Takuya 2017 Design study of a drift tube decelerator for an ultra-slow antiproton beam U Tokyo
Markus Wiesinger 2017 Design and implementation of new optics for the atomic hydrogen beam of ASACUSA's antihydrogen hyperfine spectrscopy experiment TU Vienna
Sergio Arguedas Cuendis  2017 Measuring The Hydrogen Ground State Hyperfine Splitting Through The Pi1 And Sigma1 Transitions Vienna U
Martin Diermaier
Determination of the Hydrogen Ground-State Hyperfine Splitting in a Beam and Perspectives for Antihydrogen TU Vienna
Clemens Sauerzopf 2016 The ASACUSA Antihydrogen Detector: Development and Data Analysis TU Vienna
S. Vamosi 2016 Simulations of Antihydrogen Radiative Decay in ASACUSA Vienna U
A. Capon
2016 Construction of a Scintillating Hodoscope Detector for Measurements on the Hyperfine Structure of Antihydrogen Vienna U
Ishikawa Shoichiro 2015
Development of MicroMEGAS for 3D position determination of antihydrogen annihilation in CUSP trap O Tokyo
S. Templ 2014
Simulation of the position resolution of a scintillation detector TU Vienna
Bernadette Kolbinger
Numerical Simulations of Hyperfine Transitions in Antihydrogen Vienna U
Michael Wolf 2013
Lock-in based detection scheme for a hydrogen beam Vienna U
Silke Federmann 2012
A Spin-Flip Cavity for Microwave Spectroscopy of Antihydrogen Vienna U
Martin Diermaier 2012 Design and construction of a monoatomic hydrogen beam Vienna U
J. Brandstetter  2012 Design of a polarized hydrogen beam Vienna Tech. U
Fujii Kohki
2012 Positron Accumulation in a High Magnetic Field Trap and Radial Compression of a Positron Clooud in a Cusp Magnetic Field Configuration | U Tokyo
Ohtsuka Miki 2012 Development of an antihydrogen detector for spectroscopy of antihydrogen atoms synthesized in a cusp trap U Tokyo
Enomoto Yoshinori 2011
Antihydrogen synthesis in CUSP trap U Tokyo
Kim Chanhyoun 2011
Accumulation and manipulation of positrons, and synthesis of antihydrogen atoms  U Tokyo