Introduction to ASACUSA Experiment

Last updated Sat, 2003-07-26 5:50 pm

CERN Courier: read about ASACUSA & AD in CERN Courier (document search, Oct 1998~). An additional article, published before the online version became available, is here.

CERN Photo Archive: ASACUSA photos in CERN Photo Archive

CERN Bulletin: first resonance found at AD (dec, 99)

Proposal: 1997, (pdf format)

Status report : 2000 (pdf format)

Monbusho: shinpro funding presentation, Feb 27 (html) (pdf)

SPSC slides (1997) (html) (pdf)

SPSC slides (2000)

ASACUSA reported in other media: Asahi news paper (Japan) Jul 27, 98 (jpg & pdf)

ASACUSA phase 1 (the laser and microwave spectroscopy of the antiprotonic helium hyperfine structure using the pbar beam at 5 MeV) was approved by SPSC and CERN Research Board

ASACUSA phase 2 (dE/dx measurement using RFQD, and ) was approved in January 2000.

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